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Working Resiliently

One day course

Course summary

In a world of increasing demands and diminishing resources, we are working longer hours, spending more time outside work connected to technology and taking less time to reflect, renew and prioritise. Recent research shows that:

• 64% of the population sleep less than 7-8 hours a night
• 73% find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time
• 64% say their decisions at work are influenced by external demands rather than a clear and strong sense of purpose
• 64% say that they feel irritable, impatient or anxious at work
• 61% spend too little time doing what they do best & enjoy the most
• 80% say they spend too much time reacting to immediate demands rather than being strategic and focussing on the longer term

Personal resilience is - “The capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure and be able to bounce back from setbacks effectively and be better than before.”

Our natural resilience is a combination of learned skills and personal characteristics but whatever your starting point this can be enhanced in quality and quantity. Life in the world of work can be like a ‘white water rafting experience’ (S Covey) but doesn’t have to be this way.
There are four keys to managing our stress and energy so we are more resilient:

• Sustaining our Physical Body
• Securing our Emotions
• Building Mental Toughness
• Living a life of Significance

On the hamster wheel of delivering results, we rarely stop to consider what we want; where we should be; or how we should be investing our energy. Very often our working practices ignore our basic needs & serve to drain our energy.

Business Course Benefits

This course will assist employees in:

   • Boosting productivity and engagement at work
   • Enhancing morale
   • Increasing ability to positively influence pressure situations
   • Managing stress levels
   • Deepening an understanding of how we manage our energy
   • Developing positive rituals that enhance happiness & performance at work and home


   • Understanding resilience, pressure & stress
   • The secret to recharging your energy and resilience
   • The 4 Pillars of Resilience
   • Energy radiators and drains
   • Emotional intelligence
   • Mental toughness
   • Identifying a purpose in life
   • Personal action planning
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