Consultant Expertise in Supply Chain Transformation

WBS Groups Supply Chain Consultants specialise in delivering operational performance improvement in end-to-end supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, omni-channel and sourcing.

End-to-End Supply Chain Consultancy

end to end supply chain consultancyWBS Group Supply Chain Consultants take pride in delivering the change needed to drive supply chain optimisation, quickly and effectively, but are also passionate about leaving behind a legacy of sustainable change. As part of the overall project plan WBS Group place great emphasis on training programmes and consultancy to deliver effective skills and knowledge transfer.  

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Sourcing ConsultancyWBS Group draw on unique Supply Chain consultancy expertise in strategic sourcing, negotiation, supply chain operations, relationship management, and change management to help companies develop and implement innovative approaches to negotiating and collaborating with suppliers and to enhance working relationships between procurement and internal business partners.

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Manufacturing ConsultancyWBS Group Supply Chain consultants can help you develop your operational strategy in line with other processes as well as help you deliver excellence programmes to enable efficiency with our Supply Chain consultancy. Our services in manufacturing include: application of Lean principles, production planning improvement – World class scheduling methods, material and inventory management (method and systems), Forecasting and demand planning and factory simulation (method and systems). 

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Warehousing ConsultancyWBS Group have not only designed warehouses we have built them and managed them throughout their life cycle. Our experiences range from customer run warehouses to supporting third party logistics firms. We have worked from design of pick faces to re-designing and designing automated and mechanised facilities. We offer in-depth system knowledge consultancy to help you decide or change your existing warehouse and order management systems.   

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Logistics Consultancy
The definition of logistics is the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. This definition covers a lot of ground and is, in truth, over-simplified and it grossly under-estimates the complexities involving logistics. WBS Group Supply Chain Consultants can help you with your logistic needs with our in-depth consultancy.

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Omni-Channel ConsultancyWBS Group Supply Chain Consultants believe that Omni-channel is gathering pace. Can traditional retailers really afford to stand still? In our opinion they can’t. Operating in or moving into the Omni-channel supply chain world requires specific expertise and we strongly feel our experience and consultancy can help you unleash your multi-channel potential.

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