Tactical Lean Transformation

You may have a vision for your business, but maybe lack the knowledge and understanding to make the transformations needed, whilst minimising disruption. Maybe you have some parts of your supply chain that are not working well and need some help to uncover the issues and deliver a fast fix.

If so WBS group would be keen to help.

Our team of supply chain consultants can work with you as part of a full "end to end" supply chain transformation or target a specific area of your operations to identify barriers to lean operations and provide support and corrective actions.

Identify Your Barriers to Lean Operations

If not done already, WBS Group will share our experience of over 20 years working with manufacturers and retailers to identify barriers to lean and cost-effective operations in your business. This is either a targeted piece of consultancy or part of our full end to end transformation.

Our consultants

  • Listen carefully to understand your issues
  • Work sensitively and seamlessly at all levels in your organisation

Deliver Change with Minimal Disruption

Changing suppliers, bringing in new equipment or changing processes may result in downtime or other disruption to your business that may prove costly.

WBS Group have a team of highly experienced specialists in supply chain operations and understand how to implement change with minimal disruption.

WBS Groups team of supply chain specialists

  • Will provide detailed plans on how to transform your supply chain
  • Work closely and seamlessly with your team to deliver change
  • Implement quick returns as a priority
  • Show results for improved capacity, reduced costs and faster delivery and better customer experience
  • Deliver sustainable long term change

Deliver Supply Chain Optimisation with Sustainable Change

WBS Group see themselves as facilitators or catalysts to change, but do not expect to spend longer working with clients than necessary.

Any project plan WSB Group offer will include an exit strategy, where skills needed to maintain the tactical transformation are transferred and the operatives in your business are adequately trained to maintain the results delivered.

WBS Group will also leave the skills necessary to maintain good reporting on your performance and will always be on standby to work with you again should performance dip or significant unforeseen change occur which requires further evaluation and ongoing advice and recommendations.

If you have some short comings in your supply chain or need to understand where or how your business operations needs to change then start with a FREE no obligation discussion with one of our Supply Chain Consultants.

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