Specialists in Supply Chain Transformations

WBS Group specialise in helping business deliver supply chain transformations. But many companies do not understand the possibilities or can't visualise how a future state operation would look and perform.

WBS group can either work with you as part of a full "end to end" supply chain transformation, or carry out a tactical piece of consultancy to help you with a strategic design.

The work package will include the following elements

Structured Assessment

  • A review of how you operate today
  • Understand your current capacity, costs, and supply chain speed and agility
  • Understand where you see your business in the short, medium and long term.

Share Knowledge and Experience to Develop a Future State Model

  • Share knowledge and experience from over 20 years of supply chain excellence
  • Share visions of future state operating models for both retail and warehouse functions
  • Consider how Omni-Channel and 2 hour delivery might impact your business
  • Provide modelling tools and analytical support to develop future state models for your business

Offer an Operational Vision for Your Business

  • Create a strategic design
  • Show how your operations would look in medium to long terms
  • Show what these models deliver in terms of faster, leaner, and simpler supply chain performance
  • Outline steps to make the tactical transformations required

If you could do with some help understanding where and how to take your business operations forward, start with a FREE no obligation consultation with our team of specialists.

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Tactical Transformation
Tactical Transformation
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