Logistics - Optimising Distribution and Network Planning

The definition of logistics is the management of the flow of Goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of customers or corporations.

This definition covers a lot of ground and is, in truth, over-simplified and grossly under-estimates the complexities within logistics. There are so many aspects of logistics including:

  • Procurement Logistics – sometimes referred to as inbound
  • Distribution Logistics – sometimes referred to as outbound
  • Production Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Global Logistics
  • Emergency Logistics
  • Disposal Logistics
  • After Sales Logistics

We at WBS Group have worked in a vast range of logistics fields and can support you using our integrated and varied experience.

Spiralling Demands for Speed, Lower Costs and Better Service

Even in the last 10 years the very shape of logistics has been challenged. We have always had global economies but we have never had customers requiring and requesting such variety and speed as is the case today. We have gone from 4-5 week delivery turnaround if you’re lucky to needing goods the same day you place the order. Now the discussions are about delivery within 2 hours. 

The volatility of exchange rates, cost of fuel, rising cost of labour, shortage of drivers, greater geographical areas to service all become emphasised as we squeeze our delivery time windows closer and closer.   

How does a Network Balance Service and Profit?

Our channels to market have new dimensions. Inventory positioning is critical, routes of delivery have constraints, delays have to be factored in, and changes of weather can create extra risk. If we don’t model our delivery strategy we can never be prepared for the volatility of change. 

Strategy, Planning, and Process

In the past 15 years the WBS Group have worked with a wide range of companies developing their:

  • Network strategies
  • Transport routing
  • Vehicle fleet profiling
  • DC and depot location analysis
  • Supply chain rationalisation
  • Setting inventory policies
  • Outsourcing and Insourcing studies
  • Modelling future state scenarios
  • Developing cross-dock opportunities
  • Selecting and installing transport management systems
  • Setting up alternative or new network opportunities
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End-to-End Supply Chain
End-to-End Supply Chain