Optimised "End-to-End" Supply Chain Performance

WBS Group have in-depth understanding of the full "end-to-end" supply chain process. With 20 years of experience and a highly motivated and talented team of specialists, WBS Group know how to deliver a leaner, faster, and simpler supply chain.

WBS Group consultants can unleash the potential in your supply chain and find extra capacity, reduce costs and excite your customers.

Listening and Understanding

WBS Group specialists have over 20 years of experience working with blue chip and medium sized enterprises. WBS Group are aware that no two businesses have the same challenges and aspirations. So before we can help you, WBS Group seek to understand your business and your unique issues.

WBS Group will also seek to demonstrate our unrivalled experience, let you meet our highly talented team and share our values on honest open dialogue and "say it as it is" approach. 

Often clients do not fully understand the issues, performance of and opportunities for improvement within their supply chain operations. WBS Group may undertake a targeted piece of assessment consultancy, where our specialists seamlessly integrate with your operations function and work closely with them to uncover barriers, issues and opportunities.

Leaner, Faster, Simpler Supply Chain Operations

Having established a good understanding of your challenges, WBS Group will share their expertise and work with you:

  • To visualise how your supply chain will operate in 2 - 5 years from now
  • Provide modelling tools and analytic support
  • Create a strategic design and deliver tactical transformation
  • Set measurable targets and transparent actionable plans
  • Setup and execute project plans

WBS Group will integrate into your business with seamless engagements at multiple levels, in a professional yet sensitive manner. The team will work with you as long as necessary to deliver sustainable change.

  • Implementation of lean manufacturing and lean supply chain
  • Implementation of performance improvements techniques and initiative
  • Regular reporting to demonstrate cost savings, process improvements including leaner working and increased customer satisfaction

Sustainable Change

WBS Group take pride in delivering the change needed to drive supply chain optimisation, quickly and effectively,  but are also passionate about leaving behind a legacy of sustainable change. 

As part of the overall project plan WBS Group place great emphasis on training programmes to deliver effective skills and knowledge transfer.

WBS Group have a wide range of tailored training programmes from "leading practice" knowledge share to "in situation" direct training of work force on the shop floor.

To see if there a good fit between WBS Group and yourselves, start with a FREE no obligation consultation today.

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