Process Improvement

Process Minimalism® Series - Module 3

  • 29 June 2016
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Course Objectives:

  • Learn to define SMART actions
  • Learn how to manage improvements
  • Learn to create an action plan and manage it to achieve results
  • Understand basic problem solving tools
  • Understand the necessity of involving people in the improvement process

Course Description:

This interactive and hands-on, one-day workshop will provide delegates with the theoretical and practical background required to suggest and select appropriate solutions and to plan the implementation of changes to existing process in their organisation. The delegates will learn how to define improvement actions, solve problems and plan the implementation of agreed improvements.

Real life processes from within the organisation used in modules one and two “Process Identification” and “Process Indicators” will form the basis for the practical application of the theory and ensure complete relevance to the delegates.

Process Improvement is the third course in the four-module Process Minimalism® Series. On completion of all four modules, delegates will be awarded the title “Process Minimalist®

If taken as a stand-alone course, only a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Course Programme:

Process Improvement is a one-day workshop:

  • What is an action?
  • How does your organisation currently manage improvements?
  • Action plans and why we need them
  • How to manage an action plan
  • Introduction to problem solving
  • Why it is important to involve other people in process improvement

Suitable For:

Managers, team leaders and operators.

Why Attend:

If your business and/or operational processes do not give the desired results. When you want to work smarter, not harder. If your shop floor is crammed with work in progress. If your administrative processes are holding up work.

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