Process Follow-up

Process Minimalism® Series - Module 5

  • 29 June 2016
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Course Objectives:

  • Share successes and issues
  • Design and agree approaches to solving issues
  • Share progress with senior management
  • 360 degree feedback on process improvements so far

Course Description:

A one-day workshop to be held 2-3 months after completion of all modules of the Process Minimalism® Series. The WBS trainer will carry out a process audit and discuss the result with the delegates. Feedback and experiences will be discussed and issues addressed. Trainer and delegates will put together a presentation for the organisation’s senior managers explaining progress, issues, need for support, and further improvement suggestions. Management, in turn, will provide feedback on how they see and experience the results achieved.

Using the skills learned during training and practiced after the training, the delegates will agree an action plan based on the discussions and feedback during the follow-up day.

Process Follow-up is an optional, but highly recommended day to support the organisation in maintaining focus on their process improvement and help clarify any uncertainties that may have come to light after the training.

The content of this Process Follow-up day will be designed around the very specific needs of the organisations in co-operation with the delegates and management. Attendance will reinforce and deepen the understanding of the topics covered during the four modules.

Course Programme:

Process Follow-up is a one-day workshop:

  • Process audit by the trainer
  • Discussion with the improvement team
  • Creation of presentation for management
  • Discussion and feedback with management
  • Creation of action plan for further improvements

Suitable For:

Managers, team leaders and operators who have completed the training (Process Minimalists®) and members of their improvement teams.

Contact WBS Group for more information.