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WBS offers training courses for all areas of your organisation, from boardroom to shop floor. Course modules include Management Excellence Series, Supply Chain Excellence SeriesShop Floor Excellence Series and Process Minimalism® Series.

Measuring the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Series

Course Objective:

To understand the skills and techniques necessary for reviewing, designing and improving the measuring of your organisation’s Supply Chain

Course Description:

This interactive and intensive one-day course is designed to give delegates an understanding of the key elements within a Company's Supply Chain and how to establish the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)within the Supply Chain.


Course Programme:

The attendees of this course will learn the key elements of the Supply Chain, the typical KPIs within these key elements and how the KPIs for a Lean Supply Chain may differ. At all relevant stages of the course the key messages will be endorsed with the application of practical exercises. The course will cover the following:
  • Mapping key elements & activities within the Supply Chain 
  • Performance analysis 
  • Introduction to the Principles of Lean Supply Chain 
  • Typical functional KPIs Supply Chain KPIs 
  • The clash between Functional KPIs and Supply Chain KPIs 
  • Product classification
  • Multiple Supply Chain models and their individual KPIs 
  • Adopting suitable Supply Chain performance metrics 
  • The barriers to adopting Supply Chain KPIs
The course will be a mixture of theory and practical exercises. The attendees may be required to make short presentations in front of the whole group and to lead breakaway groups in discussions and exercises.

Suitable For:

Any member of staff involved directly in any part of Supply Chain activities and/or any Business Performance Improvement initiative.

Why Attend:

If your current Supply Chain is not performing to expected levels, if you have recently changed elements of your Supply Chain, if your Supply Chain has become more complicated or if you are contemplating making changes to your Supply Chain

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