Training Courses

WBS offers training courses for all areas of your organisation, from boardroom to shop floor. Course modules include Management Excellence Series, Supply Chain Excellence SeriesShop Floor Excellence Series and Process Minimalism® Series.


Management Excellence Series

Course Objective:

To understand the purposes, methods and techniques of communication as well as the effects and consequences of good and bad communication.

Course Description:

This interactive one-day course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the virtues and pitfalls of communication. Through practical exercises delegates will apply various types of communication techniques.

Course Programme:

The attendees of this course will learn the theoretical and practical skills necessary to communicate effectively and to recognise different types of communication styles. The course will cover the following:
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Body language
  • Voice control
  • Questioning techniques
  • Listening techniques
  • Feedback
  • Communication plan
  • Communication styles
  • Building a team
  • Communication with individuals and groups
The course will be a mixture of theory and practical exercises. The attendees will be required to bring examples of situations in their working day, which they would like deal with in a more efficient way.

Suitable For:

Managers and Team leaders Free telephone support is available to course attendees after the course.

Why Attend:

If you are drowning in emails, if people seem generally confused about what is going on. If the coffee machine is the best place to get information. If the rumour mill is working overtime and “nobody told me” is the stock answer to most things

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