Sustainable Change with Skills Transfer and Effective Training

It is great when you see successful transformation in a supply chain yield performance improvements. But it is as important that the improvements are sustainable and that when a team of specialists pull away from a change project the skills and knowledge are effectively transferred to maintain the improvements.

When you make changes to processes and policies, it is essential to make sure that the people affected by the changes can work with them and benefit from them. At WBS we strongly recommend making training and/or coaching a central element of any performance improvement or change project. The primary purpose is to make sure your people gain the skills and competencies necessary to sustain a culture of continuous improvement once we have left.

Courses Tailored to Your Business Not the Industry

All our training courses are tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of our clients. While the principles we apply are proven, there are no standard courses. Each one is created to address the relevant issues arising from the project, and focuses on the particular needs and expectations of the individual participants.

This approach ensures that the right people get the right training at the right level. It also allows to us to deliver just-in-time training, so that your team gets the training it needs when it needs it most. Learning acquired too early, or too late, is of little value, and can be a waste of valuable resources. Our range of excellence series include, management, shop floor and supply chain.

What Our Courses Involve 

All courses involve a high degree of active participation on the part of the delegates and, our trainers draw heavily on practical, real-world examples. As far as possible, we build meaningful simulations of your real workplace into the programme, so that the ideas are presented in a relevant, valuable context.

WBS training is offered both as part of a change programme, or as a learning programme in its own right. But note that where we are delivering training on its own, we will always seek to ensure that the programmes fit a specified business objective.

To ensure your delegates get the full value of applying what they have learned in the training we always recommend a follow up workshop in which the delegates can share their experiences of using the new skills and get advice and feedback from the trainer on how to continue applying the learning from the training.

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