WBS Group's Latest Training Programme Gets CPD Accreditation
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WBS Group’s Latest Training Programme Gets CPD Accreditation

  • 9 August 2016
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Supply Chain Optimisation
Welcome to our latest Newsletter, designed to provide you with insights into supply chain optimisation and share latest industry news.

This month WBS Group are pleased to announce their latest accreditation. WBS Group's Process Minimalism Training Programme is now CPD accredited.

Also in this month's edition, we focus on the importance of Supply Forecasting and Demand Management, and explain to you how to design outbound logistics strategies to meet Omni Channel demand.

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Supply Forecasting and Demand Management Inputs are Critical to an Integrated Business Planning Model

WBS talk through the importance of Supply Forecasting and Demand Management.

Effective balancing of Supply and Demand contributes significant benefit to Integrated Business Planning; a joined-up approach delivers this most effectively.

WBS discuss, the evolution of the Omni Channel, understanding your Omni Channel and forming effective strategies, design for distribution, relating your Omni Channel strategies to your warehouse design and how WBS's expertise will add value to your Omni Channel strategies...

Following the introduction of a new range of training courses called Process Minimalism WBS Group is proud to now announce that all 4 modules have been accredited by CPD. So those completing the full course will now become certified Process Minimalists. WBS Group has already received a great deal of interest in this group of interactive workshops and the CPD accreditation is a very important addition.

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